Web API’s You [Probably] Didn’t Know Existed Video Review

I had just graduated from high school in 2008 so I don’t really remember learning about the HTML 5 specification being a thing. When I was in college at Ivy Tech we learned HTML and CSS through the use of DreamWeaver. At that time web development was very bare bones. We would cut a PhotoShop comp using the slice tool into separate images and then place these images in a table based design. Yuck!

It wasn’t until my third year of college at IUPUI that I remember hearing about HTML 5 being released. Then, I saw HTML 5 as being very powerful especially with new support for canvas and video. Also, who couldn’t complain when you no longer had to include a specific doctype?

in 2011, Flash was very popular along with ActionScript. ActionScript was the first object-oriented programming language I had learned. In another class, I learned about different bit rates and how to create video profiles based on a users internet connection. At that time Flash was highly hated because of the lack of support from Apple. So HTML 5 felt like a move away from Flash. After college, I never touched ActionScript again.

Below is a list of features from the video I have never used before but that I find the most interesting:

  • See if a user has access to the internet using online state and show new results to a user when reconnected
  • Check the visibility of a page. Great for games and videos
  • Support for phone vibration which can be used for if a form is invalid
  • Ambient light allows you to change what happens to a page based on the light that enters a laptop camera ( only supported in Firefox). You could detect lighting on your mobile device to make reading easier.
  • Battery status for long forms and remaining time notifications

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