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Looking for a great website with the ability to rank well on Google and Bing? Looking for a freelance web designer and developer in the Indianapolis, IN region? Look no further, Coded Container is your first stop, best stop solution for your pre-exsisting or current website needs. Did you know that the success of a great web design and spectacular SEO ranking relies on the ability of salesmanship? There are two questions I ask any new client that either makes or breaks any successful project:

1.) What makes your company unique and different than the competition?
2.) What does your customer want?

If you and I can answer these two questions everything else a walk in the park. It means that your brand will become more recognizable making lead conversion a breeze. Every good company and business needs a website, but if that website doesn’t sell what the customer wants, how is it possible to bring in new leads? Sure anyone wants the next greatest website that is fun, interactive, cool and pops with design. These are great features, but if your custom does not want the extra bells and whistles you’re not going to get the leads you’re looking for! That’s what it’s about getting more calls and more business right?

Companies and business can be quite competitive, fighting for their ability to rank first on Google. One such black hat strategy is buying links. Link building has its place but if a site has over 2,000+ links from random or non-reputable sites, that website can become blacklisted and loose it’s potential for a high ranking. With Jason’s expertise in SEO, he will fight to protect your company from the unethical SEO strategies of today. His expertise ranges from email marking to lead conversion with an ever growing knowledge of social networking.

Furthermore, Jason only works with the most exquisite modern and professional designs of the web 3.0 trends of today. He will work with you to put together a fantastic website with the trust and reliability it’s needs for your company to become successful.

If you are interested in a freelance web designer and developer in the Indianapolis, IN region who knows how to work within WordPress or front-end technologies such as HTML and CSS, fill out the free no risk, no obligation form. Jason will then be able to pop the hood and diagnose you’re website providing you statistics to bolster you’re websites SEO ranking and reputation online. Did we mention the best part? It’s absolutely FREE!



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