My Name Is Jason and I Am A Software Engineer

I was not always a Software Engineer. I’ve spent many years working with many small companies around Indianapolis. Some of these jobs were building a social media brand for a company and others creating themes in WordPress. As time went on I became more ambitious about web application development. Before too long, I was hired as a front-end developer with Indiana University and then later after four years a Software Engineer.

Being a Software Engineer has been a professional goal of mine for some time. Before working with ASP.NET Core and C# I have been overly fascinated with the power of JavaScript. When I took a Udemy course online I began to dabble and eventually build powerful applications such as a custom stock market screener and automation apps.

To be a developer one has to be ambitious about both learning and solving problems. To be a great developer one has to realize that learning and solving problems are a lifetime endeavor. I believe that you don’t become good at something merely by learning but by applying what you learn.

So that is what this website is about. This is a place where I can show the world my talent and also help other developers in their time of need. If you would like to learn more about me or see some of the projects I am working on please be sure to browse my LinkedIn or GitHub profile.